Titanita writes poetry when the mood strikes her. There is no particular form, rhyme or reason to this collection, it is simply an ongoing catalogue of Titania’s adventures through poetry.


#vss365 is a hashtag from twitter.

“vss” stands for “very short story” and 365 refers to the number of days in the year.

A new vss prompt word is offered every day, and writers are challenged to write a very short story, using said prompt, within the space of a single tweet.


Titania explores different lines of perspective and crisscrosses a meandering path across genres in this collection of short stories.

Random Ramblings

Titania views writing as something of an adventure, and she’s keeping up a running commentary as she goes that may or may not unfold in some kind of chaotic order.

Meandering musings, moderate rants (maybe), interesting discoveries – you will find a little bit of everything on Titania’s blog.

She makes no promises, but you never know, perhaps she’ll inspire you accidentally.

Titania is collecting writer resources to share

Writing? Looking for information? Here’s a collection of links that are particularly helpful for world-building, writing specifics, naming characters and many other mostly writing-related things!

This list consists of resources created by others and used regularly by Titania in her personal writing process.

(She is forever grateful to the creators of these websites, but is not affiliated in any way!)

Titania Tempest is grateful to all the artists who have created the amazing images used on this site! Please check out the ART CREDITS here, and maybe show these talented people some love, too?

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